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Togo Eang Ecolodges

 Create memories of a lifetime in one of the most beautiful islands in the world - Togean.  Relax on gorgeous white sand beaches, explore pristine and diverse natural habitats and discover the fascinating local “sea gypsie” culture. Togo Eang is surrounded by amazing adventures and plenty of nature to be explored by you!

Introduction to Sustainability

Sustainably designed and constructed, our unique off grid resort operates by harnessing 100% natural energy from the sun, using a 2 kW photovoltaic-battery system, and operates with minimal impact on the environment. Food waste is composted and used to grow food and raise chickens in our permaculture garden that is watered in part by rainwater collection. A durable eco friendly roofing material was built onsite using a Balinese technique that employs Alang Alang, a type of native high grass that absorbs carbon dioxide, as opposed to emitting it like its metal roof counterpart. We are testing a constructed wetland system where fruit trees clean the runoff from the toilets and can be fertilized from it. 

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Image by Giuliano Gabella

Ecotourism at scale

Experience nature and adventure in the Togean Islands, while maintaining mindfulness of the pristine land we are immersed in. Experience unlimited use of our private preserve trails, as well as paddle boards, kayak, fishing and snorkeling gear.  Togo Eang offer a wide range of exciting, educational, and healthy activities of all ages and abilities. We provide intimate experiences to connect with the natural world of the rainforest and the sea through educational and adventure activities while adhering to the highest level of sustainable hospitality. Check out our list of experience you can do with us here.

Join Conservation projects

At Togo Eang, we are well aware of our extraordinary environment, and are indebted to the land that sustains a plethora of plants and wildlife. Driven by the desire to use natural resources less destructively and more efficiently, we are collaborating with the local villages (Siatu and Tumbulawa) and the Togean Conservation Foundation, a local community-based charity organisation committed to preserving the unique wildlife and ecosystems while creating healthy and prosperous communities. We are currently raising funds to initiate the following projects for the villages of the Togean Islands. They aim to conserve/restore natural habitats, sensitise the public on the importance of the circular economy, and develop self-employment opportunities. These are past projects we did and projects we are doing or want to do in the future

Our Location

We are located on a tip of Batudaka of Tojo Una-una in the centre of Sulawesi. Our island is surrounded by mangrove forest and home of wildlife animal such as Togean Tarsius and Hornbill birds.

Check out our brief guide here to read a guideline on how to get here. Or download our brochure for more information about us. 

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