Tree Planting

Help restore village trees from over harvesting. Plant trees and patchouli for alternative sources of income.
The goal of this project is to raise awareness of how trees, including productive fruit trees, can be grown from seed and planted in the forest or to protect eroding land that has been cleared by loggers. The Indonesian government has a program to supply seeds to those willing to contribute to reforestation.
We are planning to do a reforestation of the island. With your help, together we can make it green again. All donation will be spent on materials to build permaculture grow beds for an edible garden and native trees as well as to pay local people for the work.
Things we need to prepare:
·         Wooden boards
·         Soil – free, transport costs only (we will get from a nearby island)
·         Animal manure – free, transport costs only (can get from goats farmers on the island)
·         Charcoal
·         Mulch - Togo Eang will provide this
·         Fence for protection against animal
·         Tree seeds - Togo Eang will provide this
Join and help us make this change! If you wish to volunteer for this project, please write us. If you wish to donate to this project, you can donate here.
100% of funds will be allocated to the project and community. We will be glad to advise you when the government allows us to run the project. For updates, please join our mailing list below.

" Be the change you want to see in the world"

-Mahatma Ghandi