Masks and Gloves

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

The world has suddenly turned into a post-apocalyptic city. The upheaval might last only a few months, but its effects will probably change the way we live for good. Not only in the healthcare and agriculture industry but also tourism. Many of the airline companies have already declared bankruptcy.

For the first time in history, close to 90% of the world’s population now has travel restrictions. Airlines, travel companies and the tourism sector are the most affected businesses.

But while humans suffered, our mother earth is healing. We are witnessing great things in nature. NASA’s satellite images have shown a decrease in air pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide (which come from the burning of fossil fuels) from January to February in China, due to the economic slowdown.

A 2018 study published in the journal Nature Climate Change showed that emissions from tourism contributed to 8% of the world’s total, with flying making up the largest share of this.

Should we then stop flying? No. Because an estimated 25 million aviation jobs and 100 million travel and tourism related jobs are at risk. Tourism is one of the largest sources of income in some countries. Should we start rethinking travel? Yes, this pandemic is an opportunity to reflect on the impact of human activity and make efforts to travel more sustainably. Here are a few tips for your next post-pandemic vacation:

  • Travel less: Avoid short trips of just one or two weeks. For instance, taking one longer trip each year instead of packing in several shorter ones would drastically reduce travel related pollution.

  • Slow life: Just as covid-19 has forced our lives to slow down, we should also consider a slower more thoughtful approach to travel. Take your time to understand the local traditions and natural beauty in more meaningful way.

  • Check for airport’s update: Here's an article providing updates for 200 popular airports post Convid-19. It is important to be prepared and get your own mask and gloves.

  • Travel sustainably: Research destinations that can provide a more sustainable stay. Are they self-sustained or do they still consume fossil fuel to provide electricity and water?

  • Get involved in community project: Joining local sustainable or conservation projects while you’re on vacation is also a way to travel sustainably. You get to know the culture and learn from the locals while they also benefit from the project. Check out our fund-raising program to implement conservation-related projects in the villages close to Togo Eang.

Lockdown policies w gradually starting to relax around the world. Countries are now starting to open their borders. It is now a good time to plan your next trip in a more sustainable fashion.

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