Faces of the happy Togo Eang team

I would like to introduce you to my team, the people who made my dream come true (almost, but not yet!). I am very proud and have built great connection with all of them.

They still lack of ingredients to be an excellent workers but I educate them day by day. This is the second round of workers and motorist that I have, I had to fire the first ones.


After a problem with my contractor, I had to get rid of my first slow builders. I dont like talking about past issues so I will skip that story. I spent 2 weeks in Ampana looking for new builders. Talked to a lot of people and two of them recommend and introduced me to Pak Agus. I believe the universe let us connect and work together. I was a bit skeptical at first, indeed its hard to find good workers in Sulawesi. But they finished my half cook building in just 2 weeks or so.

Agus, Head of builder

Agus, is the quietest of the team. He doesn't talk that much, and very polite. Except when he drinks, he talked too much!

He knows how to work with both wood and concrete construction, he knows how to make furniture, and he even build an acoustic guitar on his own.

Beside, he also like to go for fishing. I only take them out to fish once every 2 weeks or when we see good progress of the building.

Anton, builder

Anton, is very friendly happy go lucky kind of guy. He is funny and like to make people laugh. I found that Anton is very polite and always ask things in English.

He told me he left school at the age of 10. I was very surprised and yet impressed! How someone can have such great skill and polite with minimum education.

Yus, builder

Yus, is little brother of Agus. He is the youngest of the team. Almost same age with me. Originally he is a car mechanic but sometimes help his brother to work in construction.

A very funny guy and also a good cook and the cleanest of the team.

I asked him, "Yus, whats your hobby?" he replied "My hobby is chilling" 🤣🤣🤣


Matu, motorist and other things

Matu, is the first staff I hired as licensed motorist. He used to work in a ferry company but after his father passed away, not long ago he decided to work in the village of Tumbulawa. I met him just on my beach where I thought he was a fisherman, so I asked if he got any fish. Later I found out that he is a licensed motorist.

Now, not only he is in charge of taking fresh water weekly from the village for us and taking us on a trip with a boat, but he is also doing many other things. Matu is my superhero of the island!

At the moment, we have Mama Matu comes everyday to prepare meals for us. She is only temporary until the place is open. Her speciality is soup, she make it scratch with coconut shred. Very delicious

Tho, she is not very clean, I always try to educate her. We are now looking for live in chef and helper couple to live with us in the island.

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