Good news: Single-use plastic bags banning in Indonesia

Start on July 1st, Indonesia start to impose a new policy of banning single use of plastic to reduce negative impact to the environment. Under Jakarta Gubernatorial Regulation No. 142/2019, single-use plastic bags are no longer allowed at shopping malls, grocery stores and traditional markets.

Looking at our habit, Indonesian are very dependant on single-use plastic bag, not only its easy to use and super cheap - its almost free. Many sellers in either traditional and supermarket workers sometimes use more than 1 bag per use. Different item for different plastic bag.

"Alfamart supports the policy because there are good intentions behind it. Our consumers are also well accustomed to bringing their own bags when shopping at our stores," Alfamart corporate communication general manager Nur Rachman told on June 23.

This policy will punished the retailers with fined of minimum Rp.5,000,000 and the authorities may take out the business license of stores that do not pay the fine.

According to Indonesia Statistics in 2019, Jakarta has 158 traditional markets, 80 shopping centers and 52 modern stores, and we believe that this numbers will continue to grow.

The big question is, will the market buyers and sellers ready for this? Are Indonesians ready for the big change?

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