Help remote school to gain access to books and sustainablility awareness
We believe that children are our future.
We are teaching at Tumbulawa village school three times a week and welcome our guest to participate. We are teaching English, Arts, and Sustainability. The kids are very eager to learn and always motivated for new things to do.
We are gradually building a library so they can read and have access to more knowledge.
Here are things we can improve with the school:
·         Create bookshelves for library
·         Educational and comic books
·         Dictionaries
·         School farm
If you would like to donate books, please write us to If you are interested to donate for the school’s library and farm, you can donate here.
All donation will be given to the school projects. If you wish to receive updates on this project, please join our mailing list below.

" Be the change you want to see in the world"

-Mahatma Ghandi