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Together with Togean Conservation Foundation, we are committed to preserve the unique wildlife and culture in Togean Islands 

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At Togo Eang, we are well aware of our extraordinary environment, and are indebted to the land that sustains a plethora of plants and wildlife. Driven by the desire to use natural resources less destructively and more efficiently, we are collaborating with the local villages (Siatu and Tumbulawa) and the Togean Conservation Foundation, a local community-based charity organisation committed to preserving the unique wildlife and ecosystems while creating healthy and prosperous communities. 

We recognise how increased development and current living practices is putting pressure on natural ecosystems and the ability for the local people to provide for themselves. This reality has led to overfishing, unsustainable logging and inefficient waste treatment systems, amongst others. Therefore, we strive to implement initiatives that enable the locals to be more aware, efficient, creative, and self-employed, while protecting the diverse natural habitats.

We are currently raising funds to initiate the following projects for the villages of the Togean Islands. They aim to conserve/restore natural habitats, sensitise the public on the importance of the circular economy, and develop self-employment opportunities. Below are projects we plan to do in near future:

With Covid-19 upheaval, we realize that we have to take action and take the steps required to help our mother earth heal. Every action is important and helps.

We are inviting you to join these initiatives and contribute towards creating a more sustainable ecosystem within the villages of Indonesia. We would be glad to send updates of each project so that you are informed of the progress. As soon as the local government allows us to restart these project, we will update you. 

If you would like to volunteer with us,  you can register now on below link and we will let you know about the volunteer project.

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